The Client

Pickwick & Weller is in search of the perfect tee, and since one size doesn’t fit all, the perfect fit. Founded by Ashton Kutcher, Ryan Donahue and Matt Rowe, P&W has brought every aspect of Silicon Valley’s favorite uniform back to American shores, sourcing super-soft cotton in Bakersfield, sewing sleek designs in Los Angeles, and helming the company in San Francisco. They’re obsessed with the details, and it shows.

The Project

Cutting out the brick-and-mortar makes for nimble fashion, but what does that mean for the perfect fit? When P&W launched their inaugural line, they wanted a way to help customers figure out what suited them best before sending along a personalized fit kit to try on at home. We transformed a simple form flow into an experience that better reflected the casual, fun experience of selecting garments off a physical rack.



An alternate men’s version of the quiz was executed at the same time, with questions specific to male shoppers’ needs and preferences.



The Fit Quiz also serves as an account creation path, and is integrated with the site’s Facebook sign-on option for ease of engagement and to encourage sharing.



The project required not only high-fidelity mocks based on high-level flows, but some specification for layout and styling (within the bounds of established brand guidelines).