Axcient Device Inventory

The Client

Axcient offers IT managers, Managed Service Providers, and small business owners local and cloud-based solutions for data backup and recovery, business continuity and disaster recovery. This ongoing project involves moving functionality that traditionally existed on in-office hardware to a web-based platform, making protection and recovery of data and management of continuity in the event of a catastrophe possible anytime, from anywhere.

The Project

Initial phases involved extensive research, including user and stakeholder interviews, competitive analysis and market analysis, culminating in personas and use cases that have served as the basis for the migration from local interface to cloud-based web app. Research indicated that Axcient’s users are technically savvy and adept at creating workarounds to make their work faster, prompting us to rethink the entire premise of the application. In addition to streamlining some interactions, improving feedback and validation, and prioritizing frequent actions, we developed a health status and threshold system to answer the question on every customer’s mind: “Is it protected”?

Axcient Client Overview


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