The Client

Flixlab was a consumer social video platform and mobile application for automated movie/video creation and sharing. Unlike most video apps, it leveraged social networks not only to share an end product, but to crowd-source video clips with friends and strangers at private and public events. The notion disrupted the video app space for a time, with CEO David Slater presenting Flixlab’s approach to social video at SXSW 2011, but the 11-person start-up eventually shuttered in April of 2012.

The Project

Over the course of my involvement with Flixlab as a user experience and visual designer, the product expanded to include more layered and complex integrated social interactions, evolving from a simple create-and-share model to a truly collaborative offering. Iterative improvements ranged from the usual Facebook tagging to more elaborate features like public and private event invitations and sharing of source videos, allowing for remixing of content on the fly. The ever-growing feature set presented a great deal of unique challenges when it came to keeping a consistent but intuitive user interface, but Agile methods and a strong style guide helped the app remain cohesive, rich, and easy to use.


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